EC2 questions.


I have a few servers in a colo datacenter. I am thinking of backing them up to Amazon EC2 and having a copy of the servers that I could spin up if one or more system have real problems.

My server have the Virtualmin-pro but not wanting “virtualmin-pro-3.56-paid” and try and saving the extra cost, over paying twice while for a just a “Hot Backup”. I was thinking of the GPL for the backup.

I could not find a GPL image. The images listed in the virtualmin docs are 404…

Will I have lot of problems if I get a basic Centso Server images and do the GPL install of the vutrualmin? Do you know of a current AMI (image) … for the GPL ?

I hope this makes sense… After trying to learn all the cloud stuff at once has me a litter scatted…

Now I get to have fun learning about how to set the reverse DNS record of an “Elastic IP” address.


There are some Virtualmin GPL images on there… for example, this one here:

Would that work for you?

Although it comes with an older Virtualmin version, running a “yum update” should get Virtualmin and all the system packages up to date.


That is what I am looking for BUT…When I start to a Amazon EC2 instance and look for that AMI
number ( ami-7c1df915 ) or the words in the title it doesn’t fine it…

It could be I am still so new I don’t know what I am doing…