e-mail within the server does not deliver


On my server (centos 5.7) I’m facing problems with my mail delivery.
e-mails from one account to another do not arrive.
e-mails from outside to the accounts do arrive
e-mails from inside to outside also arrive.

So: problem: NAME1@domain.xx -> NAME2@domain.XX does not work
NAME1@gmail.com -> NAME1@domain.XX works
NAME1@domain.XX -> NAME1@gmail.com works

Using basic virtualmin + webmin setup.
Other then the spamfiler (Client for SpamAssassin filter server spamd) I have no clue where to look :frowning:

Thanks for your advice


You may want to take a look at the mail logs to determine what’s going on… try sending an email, then look in /var/log/maillog, as well as /var/log/procmail.log – you can use those two logs to track where your email is going.