Dynamic mail aliases

I’m newbies for Webmin + Virtualmin. I just set it up in May 2018.
I have successfully install and setup Webmin GPL + Virtualmin GPL and I’m able to send/receive e-mail from external and internal.
I am able to create a “static” mail aliases as well.

But I still have a questions on the “mail aliases”.
in Microsoft Exchange 2016, I can create something called “dynamic distribution group”…which is similar to “mail aliases” but in “DYNAMIC”.

What Microsoft Exchange “dynamic distribution group” does is…example:
Let’s say I created a bulk of e-mail account in Microsoft Exchange 2016…10 of them are in “Marketing” department and 10 of them are in “Sales” department.
When I create a “dynamic distribution group”, I can set the “dynamic distribution group” to filter “Marketing” department ONLY.
So this “dynamic distribution group”… let’s say “group 1”… will AUTOMATICALLY forward messages to “Marketing” department staff ONLY…
and this NO MATTER if there is “remove” or “add new account” for “Marketing” department in the future.

Please advise.

If you were to set up postfix to use LDAP against your Active Directory instance, you -might- be able to do it. Otherwise, I don’t believe that feature exists on it’s own.