Dynamic IP Updates not updating virtual hosts

Sorry for the separate thread but I’ve found what I think is now the correct approach to using named servers behind with dynamic IP’s.

According to the help Dynamic IP Updates are ‘useful if you are running Virtualmin on a system with an address that occasionally changes, such as one running on in a virtual machine environment like Amazon’s EC2’ - Perfect!

However I’ve searched the forums and yet to find anyone provide a clear step by step of how to set this up, I must have spent 8 or 9 hours on this now, it’s driving crazy :slight_smile:

I’ve enabled dynamic updates but its not updating the address for the virtual hosts. Every time I reboot I get a new local IP address and Dynamic IP update currently reports:

Dynamic update enabled? Yes
Dynamic DNS service DYNDNS - (Don’t understand this - it’s the only option and I dont use dyndns)
Full hostname to update: localhost.localdomain
Source of IP address: Primary network interface
Last updated IP address Not updated yet
Primary interface IP address
Externally visible IP address

My virtual servers are stuck on the address I had when I created them:
Virtual Server 80 beta2.goalaccelerator.co.uk
Virtual Server 80 test2.goalaccelerator.co.uk

I presume I’m missing something obvious here.

The update dynamic IP’s appears to do the opposite of what I need. I don’t need to update a public facing dynamic IP, I need to update apache servers after the local primary IP changes.

As far as I can work out - to have dynamic local ip’s and namedservers one of the following three things needs to happen:

  1. Configure *:80 - (Eric has already confirmed that virtualmin doesnt support this)

  2. Find a way to get apache2 to listen to the public IP (static router address) - Not sure this is possible?

  3. Get virtualmin to update apache with the latest local eth0 addresses after a new primary ip is issued - Thought this is what update dynamic IP’s would do - but it appears not.

The frustrating thing is, that my old ec2 server was running just webmin, and this was all working perfectly.

Quite stumped by this!