Drupal installation fails on Virtualmin

Yes indeed it is for Apache only.

You are right VirtualMin is NOT meant to be used for NGINX at all :worried:
I chose Nginx because it is 2 time faster. Thought that would handle VirtualMin not only for WordPress but also for Drupal. Hopefully in the future VirtualMin 8 version ?

What are you talking about? Virtualmin has had nginx support for over a decade. It’s --bundle LEMP in the installer.

But, Apache is better supported (in terms of docs and community support) because it is more widely used and has features that nginx doesn’t. I still recommend Apache.

The webserver is not the bottleneck. So, why make decisions based on how fast the web server is when both are “fast enough” to saturate any web app you run and then some? The web server effectively makes no difference if your app+database is the slowest component (which is always is in any dynamic environment). The only notable benefit of nginx for most Virtualmin users is that it is somewhat more memory efficient.

Changing web servers is among the least effective means of speeding up your websites. It’s behind literally a dozen (or more) other elements in terms of how much it effects performance of a dynamic web app.

You are confusing things quite a lot.

  1. Virtualmin offer an installscript for Drupal. It shall not be used because Drupal must be handeld by using Composer. So if you want to use Drupal on a Virtualmin virtual server, you have to install Drupal manually using Composer.

  2. Drupal uses htaccess for a lot of configuration. In other words, Drupal is by default adapted to Apache webserver. To use Nginx with Drupal is possible, but quite messy, and you must be technically savvy, and you are obviously not, meaning that you will only mess it up.

  3. If you have a huge website with tens of thousands of pages, the choise of webserver could be of some importance, but as the developers of Drupal direct the users to Apache, it is probably always the best best choice for Drupal.

Summary: Stay with Virtualmin, don’t use the Virtualmin install script for Drupal, install instead Drupal manually using Composer and finally, do not use Nginx, use Apache.

I would say do not use trash cms as drupal on your server and if you must use it install it always manually as drupal people always mess within updates… also keep apache in action.


They are on the right track when it is about upgrades, everything changed with D8 and with D9 it is quite smooth. I use Drupal for my comany’s webistes and I love it, but it is tricky to learn, it takes a lot of time and effort, but also that has become better with D8. If it is just about setting up a few pages to make a short company presentation, it is the wrong CMS, but for more complex sites, it can be worth the effort learning how to handle it.

Hi Joe, what I mean is when adding a site used for Drupal the Nginx config created by Virtualmin 6 or 7 is not working. It has to be replaced by the basic config found on the Nginx templates.
I understand then why you recommend Apache.

We are working right now on fixing Virtualmin Nginx related bugs.

Oh, this is a great news Ilia ! Thank you for your concern. :smiley:
There is indeed several issues that I tried to report here since a few months.
They seem to be related to the use of Drupal CMS, but not only (I saw yesterday different issues or success for WP based on different Nginx config files either created by Virtualmin or corrected with the Nginx template).
What make it difficult is that after the initial creation of the Nginx config file that to be done manually, making any changes e.g. with the secure https key, would override the file then, again, you have to correct it. You end up worrying frequently that Virtualmin would then break a site.

Indeed hasse_basse1, Drupal can be painful or difficult. Yes, you are right : it is not the right CMS about setting up a few pages to make a short company presentation :wink:

I had been using and trusting Virtualmin since nearly 20 years. Yes, with Drupal (always) and, at the time, with Apache. That had been sadden me to read here so many harsh comments against either Drupal, either Nginx. Because the "community’ is larger for Apache doesn’t means that Nginx is bad. In some case as the european secured cloud Nextcloud, significantly for the aspect of reverse DNS, Nginx is preferred to Apache. Because the ‘community’ is larger for WP doesn’t means that Drupal is bad.
When experts helped me to fix the Nginx config files, I was advised very very strongly to avoid Virtualmin and use any other panels because substantially : the ‘community’ is larger :wink: !

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hi, I stopped using wp long time ago few year actually… I did worked 7 years with drupal cms pretty deeply (developed few themes and plugins, even bash scripts which deployed things for you as you wanted them… etc) and - I am sorry to say - drupal as it is - its still trash for me, being saying this as webdev and sysadmin… it still is. Regards virtualmin… man what can I say, million people million opinions, just go with your knowledge.

I use bash for my blog basically turning my markdown files to html files with all palava like key words etc… (my own script not using hugo or anything other) loading times are faster then you can imagine even hi-ram and cpu database servers… and restore is easy, just one command to remote server and its deployed anywhere without any other palava like passwords, plugins etc…

I agree about community bigger != better… :wink:

BTW thank you for reply to me. I was just sharing my honest opinion about drupal - did not expect any reply at all. - have fantastic day.

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