Dropbox virtualmin upload failed! HTTP/1.0 409 Conflict (performed 3 attempts)

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 1.990
Virtualmin version 6.17-3 Pro
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Smaller domains are backing up OK, larger ones seem to have a problem:

Creating TAR file of home directory ..
.. done
Uploading archive to Dropbox ..
.. upload failed! Failed to read HTTP response line (performed 3 attempts)

… completed in 15 minutes, 1 seconds

The zipped tar should be about 6GB

Virtualmin on Ubunto 20.04 hosted on EC2 so the network should (?!) be robust


@Jamie, do we have this issue fixed for Virtualmin 7?

I’m actually debugging this right now …

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Ok, it looks like Virtualmin’s timeout for Dropbox API calls was too low, causing unexpected failures like this when their DNS is slow. I’ll fix that in the next Virtualmin release.

Hi. I just created a Dropbox account and experienced the same problem and it is very frustating. Is there a way to go into the code and change it manually unitl Virtualmin 7 comes? I need to backup!

Yes, you can edit dropbox-lib.pl under Virtualmin and change the following lines and restarting Webmin afterwards:


undef, $file, \$err, undef, 1, undef, undef, 5, 0, 1,

undef, $file, \$err, undef, 1, undef, undef, 20, 0, 1,

2. (2x times)

$file, \$out, \$err, undef, 1, undef, undef, 5, 0, 1,

$file, \$out, \$err, undef, 1, undef, undef, 20, 0, 1,


undef, undef, 5, 0, 1, $authheaders);

undef, undef, 20, 0, 1, $authheaders);

Great, thanks, will try that.

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