Dropbox connection not working as should

OS type and version Debian 11
Webmin version 1.991
Virtualmin version 7.04-Pro
Related packages Backup and Restore

Using Dropbox for backup of Virtual servers, but I have to require a new OAuth2 code for each connection and that makes it impossible to make automated backups. I conntacted Dropbox for advice and they reffer back to you as thier service have changed and you therefore have to make an upgrade on your side. Please see our conversation below:

My question to Dropbox

I use Dropbox with Virtualmin to make backups of the virtual servers. My problem is that the OAuth2 code is very shortlived and I have to request a new one for every connection, leading to that automatic backups are impossible to implement. It is not my module, it is an integrated service in Virtualmin

Dropbox’ ansver to me

You’ll need to contact Virtualmin. Dropbox retired long-lived access tokens, so Virtualmin will likely need to update their app to use refresh tokens instead.

Can I hope for a solution of this or do I have to change provider to other than Dropbox?

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