Downgrade to GPL, designate server IP


I have one Pro subscription, and that’s all I need (actually, it’s overkill, but I like to support the project.)

I am working with virtualization, which involves opening and closing images. As a result, the IP numbers of “servers” change, and there can be a few running images sitting around.

Not surprisingly, Virtualmin now complains that I am running four servers, but have paid only for one. (I’m a good boy, and the 10 domains are not exceeded. Actually, it’s the same very small set of domains on each of the images, and only one set can be reached from the outside.)

Once things settle down here a bit, I would like to declare one virtual machine the main and production server with the pro version on it. A few others will be backups, updated via MYSQL replication. They are hot spares.


  • How can I designate the production server as the machine with the pro version?
  • How can I downgrade the other backup images from Pro to GPL?

Thank you!

Nobody? I’m stumped also.


If you have a Pro license, you should open a support request through the “Issue Tracker” (click “Issues” at the top of the web page). Your issue will then be addressed by the team and be given a bit more priority. Community support is intended for “community support”.

Thanks. I didn’ty regard it as a bug that calls fopr tech support … but I will,