Downgrade license


I’m trying to downgrade my license from Pro to GPL

Im on Ubuntu

I followed instructions form here

I have updated my sources
when i run apt-get update i can see the virtualmin url with the gpl in it

but what do I do next?
I tried apt-get upgrade, does nothing

I tried to apt-get install webmin --reinstall
i tried apt-get install wemin-virtual-server, package not found,

how do i downgrade?

You have to install a specific version in order to downgrade.

Do the following:

apt-cache madison webmin-virtual-server

Pick the latest gpl package in the list, and copy the full version string, then run the following:

apt-get install webmin-virtual-server=6.0.11.gpl

For example, where 6.0.11.gpl should be replaced with the latest gpl version.

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thank you for your reply. worked without any issues <3

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