Dovecot under virtualmin always suddenly stop


I have a problem that the dovecot always suddenly stop on virtualmin. Our client are using both IMAP & POP3. How can I search the keyword on maillog about the problem?



Is it just Virtualmin saying it’s not there, or are your users unable to get into IMAP and POP?

You’d probably just need to browse through the mail log to look for something out of the ordinary. Using the timestamps in the logs, you could look for issues starting at time you launched Dovecot, and ending when your first user called you :slight_smile:

same thing happening here. anyone find a solution yet?

It appears dovecot is very very picky about time.

dovecot: Time just moved backwards by 48 seconds. This might cause a lot of problems, so I’ll just kill myself now.

** I’ve disabled my ntp cron job to fix.

Well, if your time is changing that much, that sounds like a larger problem :slight_smile:

You might either consider running that cron job more often, or using the NTP daemon, which should make changes as needed, causing the time changes to not be noticed as heavily.