Dovecot not creating Maildir for virtual server

I had some issues with Postfix on Centos 5.9. Postfix is now working and delivering to mailboxes but Dovecot cannot retrieve them. I noticed that it no longer creates Maildir and its content in /var/www/vhosts/exampleVPS.

Please help!


Normally, it would deliver mail to users located in /home.

Just to clarify – are you saying that you want to store home directories in /var/www/vhosts/ instead?

That can often create some problems, especially for websites, where suexec doesn’t have permission to run files.

However, if that’s where you’re hoping to have your users – are you seeing any errors in the mail logs in /var/log/maillog when users log in to check their email?


Yes. I store virtual severs and their nail in /var/www/vhosts/. I have the same set up before I reinstalled postfix and dovecot and was working fine. Same set up on two other servers I manage works fine.

No errors in log. In any case users cannot now log in to check their mail because dovecot does not deliver mail to remote machines, though postfix delivers mail to mailboxes on local machine. Dovecot appears to be working but does not deliver.



Well, Dovecot isn’t responsible for delivering email, Postfix and procmail handles that part. Dovecot just reads mail that resides there.

So we may need to review your Postfix and procmail settings.

What output do you see if you run the command “postconf -n”?

Also, can you paste in the contents of your /etc/procmailrc file?

And lastly, do you see any errors or problems in /var/log/procmail.log?


Thanks for the help Eric. The server was fresh so I had no trouble reisntalling virtual min. That solved the problem.