dovecot imap authentication for virtualmin users on horde

I’m new to virtualmin and horde.
I set up a rhel6 server for a customer who wanted multiple websites with virtualmin and horde 5 for groupware. The server runs everything including an imap server.
Although I have spent many years configuring unix and linux they have all been single application servers without the complexity of virtualmin and horde, so I’m feeling my way around where everything is and I usually leave it to a remote server to provide IMAP.
I have everything running except for imap authentication which I’m struggling with.
Horde needs to authenticate with imap and I’m unsure where I should post for help.
The horde side is working, it just needs imap settings to authenticate.
WIthin postfix | can see the virtualmin users and can send and receive mail for them.
I tried configuring dovecot to provide an imap server for horde and got lost.
So I’m looking for advice on the easiest way of doing this.


After performing a Virtualmin installation using the script, Dovecot should come already setup to handle IMAP authentication.

It sounds like you’re saying you can already sending an receive email as these users – that in theory means that Dovecot and IMAP should be working as well.

What isn’t working for you exactly? It may just be a matter of telling Horde that your IMAP server is running on

But if that doesn’t work, let us know what issues you’re seeing when you try that.