Doubts regarding what happens when a Virtualmin backup fails or is interrupted


I didn’t ask myself the question before, and I don’t want to be too self-confident, making perhaps erroneous assumptions. May I humbly ask for a confirmation/clarification, please, if someone may tell me?

I’m wondering, is there a possibility the virtualmin virtual servers backup feature may leave temporary files behind? Or is there a virtualmin routine that regularly wipes those remnants in all cases?

Sure, when the backup procedure works to its end, all is good.
But I can picture a few situations in which the backups may fail, either in the case of local disk saving (for instance because of a lack of space on the target partition, or the server reboots), or for remote target saving (for instance the network connexion is cut off halfway, or the target host suddenly doesn’t have anymore space available).
And I’d like to be sure there isn’t the possibility of the existence a pile of temporary incomplete archive files sitting somewhere, sometimes.

Thanks if someone can tell me!