Dont show page in the same network

Hi everybody

I’ve any pages in my virtualmin server.

I’ve a internet conection with a public IP, but, I’ve a network where is the server and my PC. The network is The IP server is and my IP PC is

The problem is that I can’t visit the pages in my server directly. Only I can see this by foreing proxy, or i can see this pages from a pc that isnt in the same network.

How i can solve it, PLEASE!!!


From what I understand, your server is setup using a “private ip” on your network, so you need to tell Virtualmin about your “public ip” so that you can visit your website properly.

This is possible.

From “Create Virtual Server” page you would expand the section called “IP address and forwarding” then set the “External IP address” to your public IP address.

If the Virtual Server is already created, you can modify the settings by going to “Server Configuration > Change IP Address” and adjust the “External IP address” setting from there.

If you are having other issues such as firewall, or other related issues please free to contact me by email or post any further issues here.

Best Regards, Peter Knowles TPN Solutions