Don't know what to do for nameserver

Operating system: debian
OS version: 10

Hi I have followed the step of

And I have recorded the nameserver for ns1 and ns2 but on dns setting its set to the registrar dns and a A record that point to the server.

But it’s still do not work… What should I do?

I must point out that there is a record TXT owner check that I never set that’s already there in the dns setting

Thanks very much

Hello @dmom and welcome to the community.

But that set of instructions is for Webmin. Are you using only Webmin or are you using Virtualmin?

For Virtualmin, the official download and install documentation is at

Additionally, if you read this, you will have a smooth takeoff with Virtualmin - Primary nameserver is not valid

hi, I am using both but does the instruction I used is wrong or it work ?

I would urge you to use the official documentation only - the one at

This is always kept updated and is proven to have worked for those who wish to install Virtualmin and associated software to run a shared hosting service which offers web, mail, DNS RDBMS, FTP and shell access.

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