Don't forget today is the end of EA!

Howdy all,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that today is the last day of the Early Adopter discount and bonus year. We will never put Virtualmin “on sale” again. Even if you’re a quantity buyer, you’ll never see prices lower than they are today. (If you are a quantity buyer, buying ~10 or more licenses per year, get in touch with me, as our new reseller/bulk licensing tools are up and running and feeling lonely with only three buyer accounts. The discounts there don’t really kick in until the EA is over, but it is a convenient way to buy large numbers of licenses.)

We’ve got about 9 hours left, so get shopping if you’re planning to put any more Virtualmin servers online soon.

And, I’ve had a few people ask about PayPal payments today…Yes, we’ll take PayPal. Send the amount to and include your username or email address from in the message so I know who to issue the license(s) to.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with us through all of our growing pains these past two+ years and helping us work out the bugs! We think this month is going to be the most exciting in our history: The new theme is launching in mere days, our cloud computing product VM2 goes public, and we’ll launch new online services and some major upgrades to the website.

Going forward our focus is on signing on hosting provider reseller partners, so that you guys no longer have to deal with the hassle of installing Virtualmin yourself. We’ll still provide direct support to the best of our ability, of course, but having a known working install from day one will reduce a lot of the pain points people have with Virtualmin.

So, if you’re not a hosting provider yourself, remember to mention us to your favorite host (feel free to mention Virtualmin GPL, as well!). They offer what their customers ask for, so if you’re asking, they’ll make it happen. And, the side effect of this is that because your host can buy in bulk, they’ll get better prices and generally pass those savings on to you. It’s a win-win-win situation: for you, for us, and for the hosting provider. We are now equipped to deal with those large buyers, so bring 'em on!