Domains not accessing virtual server

I got my new server with Virtualmin Pro working about a month ago. immediately after getting it setup, I was able to get several virtual servers setup and working properly. Now though, any time I transfer a domain to a VS setup on my server, the domain does not work. (i.e., I had a domain pointing to another server, I created an account on my server, and switched the nameservers with my registrar to my server. now, when I try to go to that url, I get an error that the server could not be found). When I test any of these domains on intodns, I get the following error:

[code:1]Can’t get nameservers at parent server!<br>I only check domains not subdomains![/code:1]
This only seems to happen with .org accounts- all of my .com accounts work just fine. Does anyone know what this means? is this an error with my server setup, or with my domain registrar? This domain has been active at my nameserver for over a week, so it is not an issue of propogation.<br><br>Post edited by: scholzr, at: 2008/03/27 09:40

I suspect this is a registrar glue record issue. But I don’t know for sure.

Have a look at the DNS troubleshooting section of the Webmin wiki to see if you can gather some more data: