DomainKeys support via Postfix + DKIM Proxy

Has anyone integrated DKIM Proxy with Postfix for signing and verifiying DomainKeys with DKIM Proxy? Will this cause issues with Virtualmin managing Postfix?

Has anyone installed DKIM on their server?

I am considering doing this, but am a bit wary as what I need to use DKIMProxy ( is relatively new and I can’t afford any screw up with email.

Anyone have workarounds/suggestions please?



thats a great idea paul … i guess we are having the same problem … i also wish to implement domainkey on my server … but i dont want to screw up my server …

i’ll try to install a fresh copy of virtualmin on a virtual server to implement domainkeys (ill post here if i’ll have any luck).

if i dont reply here … you can contact me on YM mct_rex or on msn


I’ve been looking into the options here lately, as well. Not a lot of standardization has really happened yet, though, so it’s not going to do a whole lot of good just yet. Only one major mail provider is using DomainKeys and a sprinkling of mid-sized folks are using DKIM…so you can’t really filter on it yet. And no providers are doing hard filtering on it yet, so your mail is gonna get there whether you have DKIM and/or DomainKey signed it or not (as long as it isn’t spammy in other ways).

I’d like to be able to use it to add weight to the spam/ham score in SpamAssassin rather than making any decision in dkimproxy, but I’m not seeing immediately how to do that.

I’ll see about getting it setup on one of our boxes to see what it can be configured to do to the headers, and see about adding a new test to SpamAssassin to deal with it. Gotta finish a couple of other projects first, though, so if you guys get something figured out let us know.

Im about to try this

How did that work out? Looks plausible…

Are you running CentOS 5.1 or 5.2 and x86_64 or i686?

I’m always interested in how to set up and further legitimize mail…if it goes well for you (brave admin!) let us know…


the guy who wrote the tutorial must not have had his best day when he wrote that, so i got rid of it again as nothing seemed to work.
Some paths where incorrect. chmods didn’t all fit, the start up script doesn’t work, etc…

I don’t see how anyone following that tutorial got it to work.

Operating system CentOS Linux 5.2
Webmin version 1.420
Virtualmin version 3.59 (Pro)
Kernel and CPU Linux 2.6.18-53.1.21.el5 on i686
4 gig of ram

I made another thread asking about the public key entry in the dns module. that’s a new option and i just noticed its there but i can’t find no documentation about how to use it.
so until i do it’s a fancy button but useless.

In the same boat…
Would love to hear from anyone how managed to install DomainKey’s to work with Postfix.


All my email to is getting routed into their batch mail handler because of the lack of domainKeys (for one reason anyway).

Has there been any further work/investigation done here?

BEWARE when installing roundcube. There is a vulnerability that allows a flooding attack entry (hit me twice but now have disabled roundcube). Not sure if the latest patch to 0.2 addresses this completely or not.

i have put dkim aside


Hi all,

I have implemented DKIM (dkmilter)using this tutorial on Centos 5.2 (Webmin GPL, Virtualmin, Usermin installed).

Everything worked OK straight away. You need install stuff in both steps. Obviously my MTA is Postfix.

I have set up SPF (Sender Policy Framework for gmail - not only) through and their set up form. You need to have full access to your BIND (DNS) or access to TXT field in DNS panel of your domain registrar - if he manages your domains. This you will need for DKIM as well.

Hope this gona help somebody.

Hi radinosk,

A year later that page doesn’t exist anymore.

Do you have by any chance kept a copy of it ?

Really need to implement DKIM for our mailings for yahoo mail (re this form suggests DKIM is or DomainKeys is needed: ).

Hope you can help, Many thanks