Domain Switch to SSL, with Preconfigured IP?

I originally created a user’s site as non-ssl (using pro version of virtualmin)…my server provider pre-assigns ip addresses to my server (RapidVPS - $2 / month per ip address, great service btw).

Basically, the feature in the “create virtual server” page where it says “Virtual with IP ( Already active )” isn’t available in the “edit virtual server” page (the “already active” field), so it appears to fail because the ip address already exists?

When I try to create the virtual interface with the pre-existing ip address that’s not in use yet, it says “The virtual interface IP address is already in use”. I have tried the “change ip addresses” link too, and it changes it but does not designate it as a virtual interface in virtualmin’s interpretation of it, so it refuses to activate SSL on the domain.

My thought (being a php / javascript programmer myself) is that this “already active” field maybe should be included on the “edit virtual server” page as well to fix this? Any thoughts on how I can workaround this would be great…thanks.
P.S.- Virtualmin is awesome, I couldn’t run my own server while webmastering and developing at the same time without it! :slight_smile: