Domain registrar module error


I’ve set up a namecheap api account and am attempting to configure the domain registrar module.

When I attempt to save the account info I get this error:

Failed to save account : Invalid response XML : not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1, column 49, byte 49 at /usr/lib/perl5/XML/ line 187

There is another question similar to this that has an http/s error referenced, but I’m not sure they are linked.

Thanks for the assist, and my apologies if I’ve missed a relevant post regarding this.

Did you ever figure this out?
I happent to be seeing the same issue, though I have not done much diving into it as of yet.


The length of $data is empty but the web server expects an integer of 0 or greater.

My fix:



$data_length = 0;
$data_length = length($data) if ( length($data) != ‘’ );
< &write_http_connection($h, “Content-length: “.length($data).”\r\n”);

&write_http_connection($h, “Content-length: “.$data_length.”\r\n”);

I’ve opened a bug report about this, so Jamie can have a look.

The ticket is here: