Domain owner info page

Hi I have just noticed that as a domain owner you can see a lot more information, even package updates?

Can this be stopped … they basically see everything as root?

What happens when there is an update? Will the domain owner be able to try to update?

Something does not seem right here!

Check Virtualmin -> System Settings -> Account Plans and if needed change from Automatic to Selected bellow. Or you can change this individually for each virtual server. Based what i read in Virtualmin docs if you keep on Automatic and allow creation of virtual servers the users will have full access to all options.

If I roll back to VM 4.14 it goes away, will check tho thanks.

Edit… Don’t think that’s it Diabolico

I suppose the question is how do I limit what a domain owner sees on the information page.

Is it even possible?

Before it was very basic.

As root on config info options I unchecked package updates and also applied to all users but it still shows?

I just check and it looks like system information part comes directly from the theme. If this is true you could setup another theme for other users, prevent they can change it and then change in the code to not show that part. For example ask the creator of authentic theme ( what you could comment out from the code and in return you can make a small donation. It could be win-win solution just dont forget to apply the changes after every theme update.

This is the default VM theme.

That sounds like a bug. I’m guessing the new right page stuff is broken in some regard. The user won’t be able to do much beyond the usual, but the extra stuff shouldn’t be showing up. Has anyone filed a ticket about it yet? (I’m on my phone at the moment, so not really a good time/place for making bugs).

In the authentic theme it does not happen, just the default at the moment.

They ( domain owners ) can see that stuff in TOP anyway if they new how I guess.

Seems to be a lot of bugs at the moment :slight_smile:

Surely you can see it for yourselves without others posting bugs all the time?

With regards to the package updates I can confirm that even if the packages are not fully updated it still shows as fully updated in the domain owner area.

Thanks for everything.