Domain name mismatch Email error

I’m still working through email problems. When I try to get the email from Thunderbird it gives me a “Security Error: Domain Name Mismatch” In short it says that the client is trying to connect with but the security certificate is from Where is the name of the server and is the name of the virtual site.

If I click OK on the error screen the email is there, but clicking on it every time Thunderbird opens is a bit of a bother. I’ve fiddled around with the mx record at the registrar making point to my IP address. That didn’t work. Then I made point at my IP and changed the server name in Thunderbird and that did work without the error, but it doesn’t seem like a very elegant solution.

Is there a better way to setup the email?

Well, what you did is exactly right – and remember, this is how Apache SSL certs work as well.

An SSL cert works for a given domain name (or group of names if you’re using a wildcard cert).

Thunderbird is doing a check for you – it looks at what hostname you put into the "Hostname" field in Thunderbird, and compares that to what domain name the SSL certificate is assigned to.

Aside from telling Thunderbird not to do the check (assuming that’s possible), I’m not sure there’s another way around that.

Thanks for the fast reply. You guys do an awesome job and I am impressed by the Virtualmin, IMHO this is the best GPL control panel. This is my first email server that’s used SSL, so I am climbing a bit of a learning curve. But this was the last hill for email. Next MySQL databases <lol>

To get rid of this error just go to mozilla thunderbird addons. Get the " Remember Mismatched Domains " extension.

This will add the " do not show this again " box to the alert. Just check the box.
problem solved.