Domain Name Does Not Resolve (i.e. www)

Hello everyone,
We are having a problem with domain names not resolving with either www or without it. Some domains we have hosted work with it, others with out. Occasionally (which seems somewhat bizaar) they both work and there are no issues. This problem seems to have plagued all the domains on our server.

We have verified the domain names at various locations. This problem seems to be sporadic. We have virtualmin installed on a CentOS server as recommended. We have different domain name providers (i.e. GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc).

A few of the sites that are having issues:
[ul][li] (Seems to only work w/o the www - something won’t dont mind but would rather see a redirection)[/li]
[li] (Sporadic issues. Sometimes only works with one or the other)[/li]
[li] (Sporadic)[/li][/ul]

Hey Johnny,

This is almost always due to one or more broken name servers. NS records or glue records that point to servers that are either offline or not responding for your zones.

Actually, looks like both of your ns servers in the glue record for are broken:

[root@www dovecot]# host NS1.SUREBANG.ORG
host: couldn’t get address for ‘NS1.SUREBANG.ORG’: not found
[root@www dovecot]# host NS2.SUREBANG.ORG
host: couldn’t get address for ‘NS2.SUREBANG.ORG’: not found

You’ll need to fix that at your registrar. I’m surprised you’re seeing it work at all. Your NS records are also busted:

[joe@delilah bin]$ host -t ns name server

I’ll refer you to some docs to help you troubleshoot the other two:

You’ll also want to read up on BIND and DNS in general. Specifically, you’ll need to get the glue records right (at your registrar) and your NS records right (the ones on you DNS server).