Domain Migration and Service Suspension by Disabling


we are currently migration our domains from one server to another.

All domains are already setup on the new server in order to prepare the migration.

The problem is, that users on already migrated domains cannot send mails to users on unmigrated domains, as the system sees the unmigrated domain on the local system, but cannot find the user.

My first thought was to disable the unmigrated domain via the menu, but the entries in /etc/postfix/virtual still exist and therefore the mail delivery, for example, still fails.

To sum up the problem:

  • I need to prepare the domains that are to be migrated on the new server.
  • Users on the new server should be able to send mails to users on the old server (unmigrated domains).

Do I have to comment out the entries in /etc/postfix/virtual? If so: Shouldn’t this be handled by the Enabling / Disabling feature of Virtualmin?

Thanks in advance!

There may be two things causing the trouble you’re seeing – both the Mail feature, as well as the DNS records, could cause that.

I don’t recall what specifically disabling a domain does – it’s possible that’s not disabling one or both of those (and perhaps intentionally so).

What you may want to do is to go into Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features, and to disable the BIND DNS Domain and Mail feature for your migrated domains.