Domain extra admin

My mistake, I added my main admin username to one of the domains I host as an extra admin and now I can only log into that domain, not the overall server. Is there an ACL that i can modify that will resolve my … um … er… dumbness…


Are you able to temporarily give the root user a password? Then, you could log in as root, delete the extra admin that was created, at which point you should then be able to log in as the other user as you had previously.

Alternatively, if you were to create a new system user, you could grant it sudo rights – at which point that user could log in as a Master Admin.

Note though Virtualmin shouldn’t allow one to do what you shared above – so I’ll talk to Joe and Jamie about the issue you’re seeing so they can work on a way to prevent that in the future.


Awesome, created a user and gave sudo … worked like a charm.