Domain Aliases and Zone Files

Hi All,
I searched the forum for this and didn’t find anything for it, so if this is a duplicate question, if someone can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

My issue is, when adding an alias to an existing site, it doesn’t seem to mirror the zone file of the existing site. It creates it with the default zone template. I would have thought that being an alias would mean that you can have it alias the DNS as well, so that on initial creation it would copy it’s zone file from the parent and afterwards if a change was made to the parent domain it would then make the change on the aliased one.

If this isn’t the case, then maybe this belongs in feature requests. Does anyone know if this is something that exists already, or should I add it to the feature requests? Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Hi Brad – yeah, it sounds like you may want to post that as a bug report / feature request… having it mirror the DNS for the original does sound like a good idea, though I’m not sure if Jamie intentionally left that out for some reason. Go ahead and post it in the support tracker using the Support link above, and we’ll see what he says :slight_smile: