Does Virtualmin work with Linux Container?

For example using hosting like



Hmm, I’m unfortunately not familiar with that service, or what the setup might look like when you have an account with them.

I suppose the question comes down to this though – when you get a server from them, do you end up with a fairly standard setup containing a Virtualmin supported distro/version?

You can see the supported distros here:

Yes, it’s the supported on Centos or Ubuntu, but wondering if Virtualmin will work within the container

Here are some info

because I am not familiar with this kind of setup too and I am not using that service yet. Thanks!

Ah, LXC… I was more familiar with the abbreviation than the actual term “Linux Container” :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard many reports of folks using that.

However, with my understanding of LXC – it, in theory, should work just fine.


Do a google search on docker containers. it will give you a good launching startpoint. it is not a vm per se…it is much more akin to a BSD jail in many respects.