Does Virtualmin work for Ubuntu 13.04?

I am trying to use the install script ./
on an Ubuntu 13.04 server, got following errors:

root@ubuntu-lab13:/tmp# ./
Creating Virtualmin licence file
Installing CSW package installer
./ line 43: /usr/sfw/bin/wget: No such file or directory
./ line 45: pkginfo: command not found
./ line 47: pkgadd: command not found

It is recommended to use only LTS versions of Ubuntu with Virtualmin. The latest officially supported version therefore is 12.04.

it is working, it was my bad that used the wrong script.
My question is now, how do I access it via the web GUI, I had webmin installed on the same server.
when I go to the address, webmin came up instead of Virtualmin (well i need the webmin too), how can I get around that?

Yup, and in addition to what Locutus mentioned, you’d also want to use the Linux version of the installer, rather than the Solaris version.


Well, the installer may not work properly on Ubuntu 13.04 – if that’s the distro you’re using, that may be related to the problem you’re having. Only Ubuntu LTS releases, such as 12.04, are formally supported.

However, you may want to look in Webmin -> Change Language and Themes, and verify that it’s set to use the Virtualmin Framed Theme. That theme will give you access to both Virtualmin and Webmin.


I checked there is no Virtualmin Framed Theme listed. here is the pull down, can the theme download and install?

I suspect the installer didn’t work properly, as that Ubuntu version isn’t supported.

What you may need to do is perform a manual install, which is described here:

I had downgrade to 12.04, installed Virtualmin, and Webmin came along, no extra effort. cool!