Does Virtualmin use any templates like /etc/skel when creating FTP user under sub-domains

OS type and version: Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3
Webmin version: 1.981
Virtualmin version: 6.17-3
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

Last month I posted the similar question:
Does Virtualmin use any templates like /etc/skel when creating user
@Joe replied to me, but I missed it.

I mean what skelton directory Virtualmin uses when I create a new domain user under sub-domain.
Virtualmin → Edit Users → Add a use to this server
(login permission: Email, FTP and SSH)

If no skelton directory is used by default, anyone let me know how to apply a certain skelton directory like /etc/skel as the home directory of new domain user.

This is what I’d like to do.

AliasMatch ^/(user[0-9]+)(/.*) /home/dstyleweb/domains/$1/public_html$2
<Directory /home/dstyleweb/domains/*/public_html/>
	DirectoryIndex index.html
	Options -Indexes +IncludesNOEXEC +FollowSymLinks +ExecCGI
	allow from all
	AllowOverride All Options=ExecCGI,Includes,IncludesNOEXEC,Indexes,MultiViews,SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
	Require all granted
	AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
	AddHandler fcgid-script .php
	AddHandler fcgid-script .php7.4
	FCGIWrapper /home/dstyleweb/domains/ .php
	FCGIWrapper /home/dstyleweb/domains/ .php7.4

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