Does VirtualMin GPL have Amazon S3 backup?


I have an installation of VirtualMin GPL and under Backups Schedule the option for Amazon S3 Buckets is missing, is this something that only comes with the Professional?


I lose track of what’s in Pro vs GPL – but yeah, if you see the backup to FTP and SSH and such, but not to S3, it’s likely due to S3 being in the Pro version.

I assumed that would be the case, just thought I best check its not module to install, or an option i’m missing.

Any kind of timeline on when this might be available in gpl? Or is that info not published?


Hey Chris,

Sorry, it doesn’t sound like adding S3 support to the GPL version is on the agenda anytime soon.

It certainly could happen at some point, but it would be a minimum of a few months out, if it occurs at all :slight_smile:


Thanks Eric.

'tis alright, I think I can figure out how to implement it just by saving the backup and then running a script to transfer it, but thought I’d check first here, as I would wait if it looked like something that would be added soon :slight_smile:

I’m loving virtualmin btw. My old server admin program was stuck in time, couldn’t update because updates broke things, backups were undependable, it demanded constant attention and was a real mess.

With Virtualmin, things are updating great, backups look great (haven’t actually had to restore from them), and it just keeps trucking along without a lot of demands, perfect… thanks for all your help when I was first learning the ropes!