Does Virtualmin clobber Webmin?

I see from my first glance at the documentation that once Virtualmin is installed you can access it by entering your domain name (plus :10000) in the address bar of your browser. Currently, I access Webmin by entering my IP Address (plus :10000).

If the first of these resolves to the second then doesn’t that mean it’s goodbye to webmin?


Virtualmin is a Webmin module. They’re both available on the same port – and when doing an installation using the script (which handles installing the Virtualmin framed theme for you), you’ll see a link for both Virtualmin and Webmin on the top-left of the screen.

Virtualmin is presented to you first, but you can still access all the Webmin functionality by clicking the Webmin link.


Thanks, Eric. Well now I’ve sorted myself a fully qualified domain name I’ll go ahead and install.