Does my VirtualMin Pro show if I can use BBcode ?


On this forum you are using BBcodes to allow us to Bold and italic our posts. How can I find out if I have this capability on my server ?
I have VirtualMin Pro.

I believe that BBcodes makes use of an extension package found at

Can someone pls give advice on how I can check if I have this and if not how I would install it. I read somewhere that it might require PEAR - but I don’t know anything about that.



Whether or not you can use bbcode is dependent on the program you’re hoping to use it in.

For example, this forum is part of Joomla – so in this case, it’s Joomla that is providing the bbcode support.

So, what program specifically are you hoping to be able to use it in? And then, just check within that particular program.

Hi Eric,

I am writing a php script myself, so I need to know if the
php extention is installed as part of my php config.

Looking at my install scripts under VirtualMin
O can install Joomla 1.58 so does that mean I would have
the required php extension already, or does the joomla
also add the extension as part of the installation ?

Would I be able to tell from the php.ini file ?

Okay, then yeah, you want that PEAR package you found.

You can install some PEAR packages from within Virtualmin, by going into Webmin -> Others -> PHP PEAR Modules.

You can use that to make sure PEAR itself is installed.

I don’t believe you’ll be able to install your bbcode module that way, and for doing that, you can get some info hear in the PEAR docs:

Thanks for help.

I decided to do it all with eregs - - it will be easier and more controllable