Does it play nicely with Webmins cluster capabilities?

Hi Guys

I’m currently setting up a system to host my employers many websites - the system has

2 x Web Servers (Load Balanced)
1 x Database Server
1 x Management / Email Server

I’d like to deploy Webmin/Virtualmin on these and control the cluster from the Management server - i.e. if I add an account then it gets auto-created on each webserver and a mailbox is setup on the email server.

Would this work?

Hey Kelvin,

Not yet, at least not directly and easily.

There are a couple of FAQs about scalability and redundancy and such here:

In short:

Database is easy.

Two webservers is harder, but not impossible.

Separate email isn’t easy at all.

Going further with this stuff is definitely on the todo list.

Thanks Joe - I think this just means a little more hands on Admin on my part.