Documentation's a bit thin...

I’ve just tried looking up the docs for Virtualmin.

“The Guide” seemed a good place to start. But it’s 404. SO are some of the others.

Could we have the docs, please?



As soon as they’re finished, they’ll be posted! :wink:

The good news is that the Admin guide is almost finished, and the online help is pretty much comprehensive (so in Virtualmin Professional when you wonder what an option does, you just click on it, and a popup window will explain it to you).

I expect to post the initial version of the admin guide in the next day or so, and roll out the first version of the installer to the Virtualmin sponsors at the same time.

In short, I’m running as fast as I can to get things completed and online. These things always take longer than expected.

You might try that. It has been useful to me.

You also might consult this:

I hope Jamie got a fair commission out of the book he published. I bought it before I found the online docs.

I’ve programmed mainframes for over 20 years. It’s almost impossible to document everything.

The documentation found on the links above are excellent, but I need to add one point to this debate.

The 2 books assume that you have managed to get Webmin/Usermin/Virtualmin installed. The books are both a bit thin on things to check in case you can not install Webmin etc.

The installation instructions seem to be, install this RPM and that is it. The only part is to make sure port 10000 is not hidden behind a firewall.

That seems to be about it.

Sorry, the links seem to be down at the moment, but you can still get all the information from the excellent document page on this site.

The link is as follows.

<a href="">Main Documentation</a>

Thanks for the responses, chaps, but if you look at the original post, I made it two years ago…

I did my project without Virtualmin because, at the time, the documentation was non-existent, and the user community wasn’t even close to being vibrant enough to look after my initial needs. That’s a shame - I had high hopes for Virtualmin (and still do!).

Maybe I’ll use it when the project needs replacing in a couple of years’ time…