I have a ton of time into this and it’s a bit depressing. I’ve used Virtualmin for years and turned a ton of people onto it. I’m trying to follow the documentation. I read things and it says to click here or there. Well, the links it says to click are not there.

Does someone want to do some form of consulting? I’m getting nowhere, really fast!

Help? Suggestions?

Well, I guess the first question would be: How can we give help or make suggestions if you don’t tell us what the problem is. :slight_smile:


It sounds like this may be in regards to the Cloudmin “Getting Started” guide (he had also posted something in the Issue Tracker).

I realize that it doesn’t clearly state this, I’ll work on making it more clear, but that guide appears to be written for Cloudmin Pro, rather than Cloudmin GPL.

The GPL version can only run on one system, it doesn’t have the ability to have multiple VPS hosts.

You can install Cloudmin GPL on one system, and manage Xen and KVM hosts on that one system. You wouldn’t need to configure a Xen or KVM host though, since there can only be one host (which is the current system).


With GPL, how many VMs can I run on one server? Sorry for the confusion with the verbiage. I’m new to the whole VM thing. I’ve been working with dedicated servers for years and decided to take the leap into this.
“Adding Host Systems: Go to Add System -> Add physical system .”
“Click the Register a system for Xen hosting link, and select it from the System hosting Xens menu.”
“Select the DNS domain you created earlier from the Add Xen systems to DNS domain field.”

There are no such links.

Part of the issue is that when I do an image without LLVM, it all works. When trying to use LVM, I get errors about the host issue so I went back to the docs but that’s not working either.

Ok, so, because of what you said, I have purchased the Pro version and will try it again to see if I can get it working based on the documentation.

The documentation better matches the Pro version but is still off. I followed the directions as best I can see and I still cannot add a VM with LVM selected. I’m lost.