Documentation, Where?

I’m busy migrating sites. I can only echo Steve’s thought:

“The more I poke around…I’m just more and more amazed at how well thought out this control panel is.”

One thing I really need now is: minute detailed description of each configuration setting and what it means. In some cases I need education, in other case I just need to know how VirtualMin does it.

e.g. Since I will be migrating sites, they are coming in from PLESK back ups and I want to go in and tweak the configuration under VirtualMin. Now, e.g. under “enabled features” I see “IP-based virtual FTP Enabled”
What does that mean? “Virus Filtering Enabled” Now, I “assume” that means for mail, but perhaps it is for any kind of traffic? So, I need documentation where I can drill down to each and every setting for a description before I post “dumb” questions here. “Status Monitoring Enabled” OK, makes sense but at the same time is very general – status of what and when? “Virtual Interface” Sounds cool, maybe useful to us? But what is it? If I have to buy one of the WebMin REference manuals I don’t mind that either. This is not a complaint, just for a VirtualMin Map…

One nice thing in PLESK was "help" on every page that had a detailed description (and even education beyond PLESK) for each item on each page of the control panel.


Yikes! Never mind… it’s right here on this web site. I was looking for it inside the virtualMin Control panel .Which would still be a nice feature… when you get time. :slight_smile:

I will point out that you can click on just about every option in Virtualmin to get a help popup–there are literally thousands of online help files in Virtualmin and Webmin. I haven’t gone through lately to insure everything has a help topic, and that the existing ones are up to date, but I will be doing so before June 5th when the Early Adopter period ends.

The new theme I’m working on now also has a documentation search feature built-in, that will popup search results from the documentation wiki in addition to results from the online help files.


chose domain:
click "Edit Virtual Server"
right panel opens on right to:

Virtual SErver Details
Configurable Settings
Bandwidth Limit
Enabled Features

I have my specs on and don’t see any “help” anywhere…

Interesting. Those should mostly be the same as the Create Virtual Server help popups–e.g. the help files already exist, we’re just not making them available. I’ll get that fixed. (So, if you look at the Create Virtual Server page, you should see links on each of the options–those all popup help windows with a description of the options.)

OK great I’m good with that (look on site)