Documentation for Creating Scipt Installers


Could someone point me in the direction of the documentation for creating script installers. Specifically the api functions available within them.

have looked at the example installers bundled with Virtualmin GPL (phpmyadmin, etc) and and have successfully modeled a SugarCRM installer on it. However, there are a bunch of functions referenced in the example scripts that I am having trouble finding documentation on. Eg.


I have already familiarized myself with the documentation at




It sounds like you’re on the right track!

Using the documentation you found, as well as the existing examples, is a great way to learn how to build Install Scripts.

The documentation you found is indeed the docs covering functions you would need to implement in order for it to work – but you also found some helper functions that aren’t all documented.

For some of those, you may need to look in the code itself (and the related comments) to find what they do.

They’re primarily defined in $WEBMIN_ROOT/virtual-server/

You can search for “sub get_database_host”, “sub check_script_db_connection”, and “sub extract_script_archive” within that file for details on what those do.