Documentation as a PDF?

Is there a PDF of the documentation for this beast? The online stuff is hard to use when having to search for things. Once a search is done, the back button seems to loose context and there’s no way to look at a result and then return to other results to look at another?

Having a PDF would allow me to search for the words/phrases I’m interested in so I can learn how this thing works.

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I’ll take “this beast” as a compliment. Or, at least, try to. :wink:

Currently no PDF. But, great things are afoot at the moment with regard to the website. Documentation searches will soon be a lot better (and there will be some integration between the help files within Webmin/Virtualmin and the online documentation soon after that). PDF output, I’m not sure about. I think the new documentation tools we’re using will allow export to PDF on demand, but I don’t think the output is very nice. I’ll tinker with it some to find out.

Thanks Joe. The biggest problem I find is in doing a search… If the selected article is not what I want, I have to start the search again rather than the back button taking me back to the search results.

A well organized "manual" that led a new user through the process (explaining the variations along the way) would be a great help to newer customers.

For instance, it took me forever to figure out that to edit a template you simply click the template name. It’s not underlined as a link so it just looked like text!

P.S. Beast is in reference to size, not quality. I appreciate the depth of possibilities. Unfortunately, with all those choices it can be confusing to newer users like myself.

Is it within the license terms for commercial users to convert the wikki to PDF or other form to post on their own sites?

Is it within the license terms for commercial users to convert the wikki to PDF or other form to post on their own sites?

Good question. I think we can come up with some sort of license that allows that. Remind me when the new site launches next week (which includes dramatically better documentation; you won’t want to waste any time converting or figuring out how to deal with the current docs, since things will be dramatically different on the new site).

when you have a page with search result then dont click the url, instead drag&drop it in a new tab. Now you dont have to use the back button (which is an awful way to surf on the net anyways)