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I just setup my new server with Debian 4.0,a and Virtualmin Pro. the server is setup as The DNS appears to have automatically registered upon install, and I have setup the nameservers for with my domain registrar. When I go to, I see the Apache2 test page (it actually redirects to it at From what I know of Apache2 (which is very little), I think that this is the webroot for my server. How do I access this, as it is not setup as a virtual server?

as far as i have experienced it, the IP of your server points to /var/www/html which is the default Apache server

when you create the first virtualserver/domain it will be placed in the /home directory.

The /var/www/html directory becomes "obsolete" and all further domains are placed in the /home directory.
It makes sense to me to "forget" about the /var directory and create your most important domain first, as when some strange errors would occur then this domain will show up in the browser.

EDIT: However, I didn’t just point the nameservers at the registrar.
I pointed the A record to the server and made 2 extra A records to point to my nameserver IP’s

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Thanks for the quick reply-

That is what I thought that I understood as well, but when I attempted to create a virtual server for the domain that my server is setup with, the DNS kept pointing to the /var/www/html directore, not the /home/mydomain folder. Any ideas? or am I not able to create a virtual server for the account domain that the server is setup on?

if you are behind a NAT/router than you need to change something.
virtualmin->system settings->module config->Default IP address for DNS records…fill in the IP
in VM GPL it is called "other settings"

The documentation on this in the wiki is quite thorough if I didn’t make any sense. It was difficult for me too (and still is, lol)

I have setup my server with the main domain as well so that is surely possible.

Thanks again. That seemed to do the trick. Now however, I am having some issues with emails. When I created the virtual server, I created a user (user1) for the account. When I try to send emails to this user ( however, I get a rejected notice saying that no such user exists. So I tried to send an email from the usermin of this user, and it went through as I then tried replying to this address, and recieved the following error:[code:1]The mail server could not deliver mail to The account or domain may not exist, they may be blacklisted, or missing the proper dns entries.[/code:1]

I then tried to create an email only account on this VS (user2), and tried to send an email to it (, and again recieved the no such user exists error message. I then again tried sending a message via usermin, and the message came from and when I tried replying to this address, I got the above error again.

Any suggestions as to what is going on?

mail is a bit tricky. By default Postfix would work properly.
I had some email troubles in the beginning for my domain. But I solved this by solving dns issues and have the zone file records for the domain correct.
Then I made a new mailbox and all mail went through.
It seems you might have some dns issues as well.

i used and also to make sure the domain was correctly setup and resolved properly.

at is a tool for email testing and more.

So I finally got around to fixing BIND, and I have run the test, and the only error I get on IntoDNS is that the DNS is recursive (which I don’t think should cause any email issues). Any ideas RE the email issues that I am still having?