Are there any plans to add a lib-docker,pl library to cloudmin? It would be cool to have this in GPL but I assume it would be in pro to cover its dev time.



It’s funny that you mention that – we’ve actually recently been discussing how to incorporate Docker into our products.

We’re still sorting out some details, but it’s something that’s being worked on.


Actually if you check again, Cloudmin already supports docker.

Cloudmin supports XenServer as virtualization platform ( which already supports Docker:

xenserver supports it, but that’s not what we are using here right?

Anyway, that would be awesome to be able to manage containers from the interface :slight_smile:

But what are you using?

Cloudmin is not a virtualization platform. Its just a control panel to manage virtual environments or other servers. You still need the virtual platform or server on which docker will run. To simplify my reply, Docker can’t run on Cloudmin because Cloudmin is not the server to host the applications.

Nothing stops you right now from running Docker in what ever server you want and provision or manage those with Cloudmin if you wish so.