Docker on Virtualmin? (Discourse)

Can we use Docker with Virtualmin?

I need to instal Discourse and their preferred method is Docker:

Anyone successfully installed Discourse on Virtualmin recently? Any tips greatly appreciated!

Can anyone help with this please?


While I don’t have experience installing it, I don’t imagine there’s any reason why Docker wouldn’t work on a Virtualmin server.

It’d just be a matter of manually setting it up, as Virtualmin isn’t currently able to configure a docker container for you.


Thanks for the reply Eric.

Do you think Docker might interfere with the other sites on my Virtualmin server?

Are there are guides here on installing and using Docker on a Virtualmin server alongside normal Virtualmin sites?

If not, can you think of any gotchas I might need to be aware of?

(The Docker guide can be found here:

Having Docker as a way to create Virtualmin virtual servers would be nice. Meaning a virtual server is nothing else than a Docker container.