Docker install not working on Ubuntu 22.04 with virtualmin/webmin

I mean, it hasn’t been that long ago that the Webmin shell and popup terminal were not real shells. It’s reasonable that it’ll take a while for folks to realize it is now a real interactive terminal and can be used for just about anything you’d use an ssh or console login for.

It caused issues when I did it that way the first try. I have no idea why, I’m guessing it was something to so with my connection via SSH, but when I did it directly from the server it went through just fine the first go, no issues at all.

Didn’t say that you were. No reason to get bent out of shape.

Not sure how that’s possible.

Is it possible it was blocking a download during the install process that caused the ultimate failure?

maybe this is the reason

Definitely not. The firewall we setup during the Virtualmin install does nothing to outgoing connections. It only has rules for incoming traffic.

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