do subdomains count towards server limit?

just wondering if a user creates a sub domain (rather than a sub server) if it counts towards their over-all server limit? does a sub-domain share the resources of the parent domain?

i know i keep reading that virtualmin can’t tell the difference between the two… but i see what should be one clear difference.

a sub-server should have its own pool of cgi workers, or its own limit of cgi workers… while a subdomain should run under the same user, and therefore share the worker pool of its parent. this would allow users to create as many sub-domains as they like, without using up exponentially more resources…

sub-servers could be for hosting multiple sites within an account (for example), and therefore they each get to launch up to the maximum allowed processes (as defined by virtualmin or fcgid)…

while sub-domains are simply an extension of its parent domain, too the extent that it even shares its resources. this way, one site that needs mulitple subdomains, isn’t regarded as multiple physical websites.

any input on this? if it does work this way, sorry for my misunderstanding. if it Doesnt… what is preventing this type of implementation? is there really some criticial element of virtualmins design that prohibits this from happening?


I think the whole design of Virtualmin is such that implementing your suggestion would require a serious rewrite of many parts. :slight_smile:

To Virtualmin, every virtual server has its own set of resources. The CGI workers of a sub-server DO run as the parent server user. They also count towards the server limit. It doesn’t matter if their domain name happens to be a subdomain of the parent or not.

That’s just Virtualmin’s philosophy concerning this, and I doubt it can be changed easily.

Only “alias domains” don’t use up resources (and don’t count towards limits), since they’re configured to be exact copies of their target.