Do multiple virtual servers need their own IP addresses?

problems with BIND DNS may be due to multiple virtual servers having their own IP addresses.
Could Virtualmin use 1 IP address to run multiple virtual servers and maybe fix up the BIND DNS?

DNS Records error: Warning - errors were found in this domain’s DNS records : The DNS record resolves to the IP address instead of the virtual server’s IP


In general, it’s possible have as many or as few IP addresses as you like.

Domain’s can share a single IP address, and that’s what occurs by default.

Note though that if you’re behind a NAT router, that makes it more difficult to have more than one IP address (as many NAT routers don’t support more than one public IP address).

In your case, it sounds like the Virtual Server is setup with “” as it’s IP address, but BIND is configured to use something different as the IP to access that domain.

If you’re behind a NAT router, what you’d want to do is go into System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Network Settings, and make sure “Default IP address for DNS records” is set to “Automatically detect external address”.


Ok, yes, the Virtualmin websites are set to “Automatically detect external address”.
System Information still won’t start the BIND DNS Server though.