Do I need Virtualmin or Cloudmin?

I use Webmin since forever but this is the first time I am installing it at work.
I got 5 Proliant for a pilot which is never going to run more than 50 LXC and some KVM, all on Ubuntu 16.04.
This is an on-premise install only, at least for now - later the database is going to be on

I am new to the cloud concept, and I already gave up on OpenCloud / OpenStack for their staggering size and scope.
I love MAAS and the composable hardware from Canonical but again - but my employer currently has no use for their 12-server minimal support offer.
OpenNebula is very nice, much closer what we need - but I love Webmin and I am very comfortable with it.
This is for an intranet not for an account hosting use, hardware support is going to be covered by our current VMWare provider.

Should I buy both virtualmin and cloudmin subscriptions, or just one of them?
Thanks for reading!

Edit: I think I see it now, a Cloudmin Subscription covers a number of instances, the virtualmin covers the server boxes? I am still not sure how the ‘x number of domains’ relate to intranet installations. So I would need 5 Virtualmin and 1 Cloudmin subscription to fully cover both the instances and the hosts?

Same boat. Given up on a small openstack as well. So cloudmin is my choice for managing VMs and physical machines from one location.

Yes, I figured it out… I am going to get two virtualmin subscriptions: one for development and one for staging - the production VMs going to be moved and supported on the main VMWare stack.
Then I need a Cloudmin subscription to manage the two virtualmin servers, and the two other servers I use for LXCs and whatsnot. Thats the five servers.
I am working on installing Cloudmin on a 16LTS, then I install MAAS in a KVM node and I let that manage the hardware and OS refresh for the other four.
I hope this helps if you are as green to the cloud as I am.