Do I need to fill in Name Servers?

Just wondering, do I need to fill in any Name Server name or IP?

My host gives me a DNS1 and DNS2 name, but so far I didn’t put it in anywhere and my websites work. I saw on a page that the put it in /etc/resolv.conf - is it needed? And if so, where? I can’t find that in Webmin, and when I do it directly it will reset after start to something else.

No, you likely want to be using your own system as the DNS server – that way, you’re talking directly to the server hosting DNS for all of your domains.

By default, Virtualmin is going to have you using and that will work great.

For future reference, should you ever want to change it, you can do so by logging into Virtualmin, and clicking Webmin -> Networking -> Network Configuration -> Hostname and DNS Client. If you look in there now, you should see "" listed.

Thanks. That works for me.