Do I know any server admins in privacy-friendly jurisdictions? (i.e. not the US)

Howdy all,

I’m working on a side project to offer secure email services in a few weeks (once the new theme, our new website, and Webmin 2.0 are launched). Obviously this requires hosting outside of the US. So, do we have any Virtualmin/Webmin users in countries with strong privacy protections? Iceland, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Sweden, Ukraine, are all thought to be pretty good, though I’m sure there are others. So, I’d like to find a partner in one or more of those locations to be the primary point of contact, and probably also the primary server admin.

I don’t know what the business model for this project will look like, yet, but I do expect it to be a fee-based service, so I would expect it to make a little money. But, I primarily want to build it because I want secure email to be easily accessible to more people.

If interested, feel free to email me, at

My new public key is here, if you’d like to encrypt it: