DNS zone incomplete entry

Linux distro = CentOS 6.6
Virtualmin version = 4.13.gpl

I’m having to remove a line from the DNS zone of each new account I create. The line is simply this:


Its causing BIND to stop working :frowning: I was wondering if the problem lies in my server template… The custom settings i have in the server template are:

BIND DNS records for new domains: ns1.bailtree.co.uk

Additional manually configured nameservers: ns2.bailtree.co.uk

Master DNS server hostname: ns1.bailtree.co.uk

the reason I added these entries is becuase i thought i needed them so I can use custom nameservers…

any help would be very appreciated!

solved! had to set this in my custom server template

a) BIND DNS records for new domains -> From default settings

and this in default template

b) Additional manually configured nameservers -> ns2.bailtree.co.uk

c) Master DNS server hostname -> ns1.bailtree.co.uk