DNS Slave Transfers

I’m having a small issue with DNS slave transfers from my virtualmin master to my virtualmin slave.

The master is configured to pass zone records to two webmin slaves.

When I create a new site or virtual hosting domain the master pushes the file over to the slaves however the file contains no records.

When I apply the zone on either of the slave it brings all the records over automatically.

When I test zone transfer I receive no errors.

In the log file for the dns server I am finding the follwoing:

Jul 8 10:01:04 ns2 kernel: [219964.426953] type=1702 audit(1373299264.641:10): op=linkat action=denied pid=2113 comm=“named” path="/var/lib/bind/support.dom.tld.hosts" dev=“sda1” ino=4457424

Any suggestions?

The message you posted sounds like some filesystem protection layer (selinux or similar) is blocking access. I tend to uninstall the protection layer that comes with Ubuntu due to such issues. Can’t recall the name right now, will add it later.

The issue might also be that bind creates zone files with the wrong owner. You can check the settings of the bind module and make sure it creates zone files as the user and group bind runs as on your system.

Just an update. I’ve found that if you go into the zone file through the webmin bind plugin, edit the file (or just click save and it auto updates the serial) then apply the zone it transfers to the server. Perhaps a bug? Perhaps I am missing something?