? DNS - Should mydomain.com master zone exist in "BIND>Existing DNS Zones" before propagation ?

I am pointing mydomain.com from hostgator to my webmin ns1.mydomain.com & ns2.mydomain.com.

http://leafdns.com is showing that the propagation has started and all is OK.

(propagation always starts only after creating a virtual server for mydomain.com)

ping mydomain.com still shows the hostgator address - so I am still waiting.

Meanwhile I have this question.

In Webmin>Servers>BIND DNS Server

I do not see any mention of mydomain.com in ‘Existing DNS Zones’. Also any other virtual server I create will not get a master zone here either.

In other installations I did, I would always see mydomain.com master zone listed here (but I do not remember if this was after DNS propagated).

In this case I am looking at this while propagation is in progress.

Will mydomain.com appear here automatically after DNS has propagated (Zone transfer)?

Enlighten me please.

PS. after some more testing making other new droplets, I can see that the master zone for the main domain will not appear. My guess is that the DNS Zone will appear here only after DNS has propagated and the Zone is transferred to this server which will now be authoritative. Correct me if I am wrong.